Christopher Rauschenberg

Window Shopping 1

Since 2004, I have said to myself that one day I would pull together the images that I have made of store windows. That day has come. Here is Window Shopping, on two pages.  I have chosen not to go back further than my first digital camera, though I do have older (mostly black and white) photos that could fit in. Getting a digital camera to have in my pants pocket all the time felt like a rejuvenation to me. After 30 years of shooting larger and larger projects on black & white film, there was a joy in just making individual images whose only agenda was to say "oh man, look at this." I recognize the irony of now going ahead and making a large project out of these individual images, but I notice that I am shooting the windows less and less so this seems like the time.

Window Shopping 1 has photographs from 2004 to 2011, and Window Shopping 2 has images from 2011 to 2022. The photos are presented in chronological order by year, and are mostly American windows with a fair number of European windows, a few Brazilian and Turkish ones, and one each from Vietnam and Tanzania.