I’ve been a full-time artist photographer since 1973 and this website will eventually cover that whole time period.  For now, I’ve started with some 21st Century photographs from various travels and I’ll slowly continue to add to it with older and newer projects.  
From November 5 through 29, 2015, there will be a show of my photographs from Poland at Nine Gallery, 122 NW 8th Avenue in Portland.

I am now being represented by Laurence Miller Gallery in NY and I had a show there of old and new work in 2014. In honor of that show I have added eight pages of my Seventies work to this website.

The installation image below is from a 2010 exhibition of my Paris Flea Market photographs at the Museu AfroBrasil in Sao Paulo, where director and curator Emanoel Araujo made a beautiful installation which included a gorgeous faux flea market nestled between 8x12’ wall-size enlargements of three of the images (and he took me to two nearby flea markets and to his house for a fabulous lunch). 

Images from my Rephotographing Atget are available in the book Paris Changing and were on exhibit recently at the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center and, less recently, at the George Eastman House and at ICP in New York.  Some of them can be found on the Lens Culture website, along with a nice audio interview.

3500 images by 20 photographers from my Portland Grid Project were shown in April 2007 at the Portland Art Center and can be seen at www.PortlandGridProject.com

You can also see my work at www.ElizabethLeach.com.  

12x18” and 12x16” Archival inkjet prints of my non-panoramic images are $1000, by the way, 22x33” prints are $3000 and 18x27” prints are $2000.  Panorama prices on request.  Email me if you’re interested.Poland.htmlhttp://www.laurencemillergallery.com/http://www.museuafrobrasil.org.br/Emanoel.htmlhttp://www.amazon.com/Paris-Changing-Revisiting-Eug%C3%A8ne-Atgets/dp/1568986807/ref=sr_1_1/102-9287520-6957719?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1185010296&sr=8-1http://www.lensculture.com/rauschenberg.htmlhttp://www.PortlandGridProject.comhttp://www.elizabethleach.com/Artist-Detail.cfm?ArtistsID=56shapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2shapeimage_3_link_3shapeimage_3_link_4shapeimage_3_link_5shapeimage_3_link_6shapeimage_3_link_7
Christopher Rauschenberg